What is Linkagoal.com ?

Linkagoal Ideology

Linkagoal is a revolutionary platform of “Goal Based Social Networking Service”.

Importance of setting goals in life is known to everyone. Various studies and research have proven that few strive to achieve their goals due to lack of resources, guidance and experience. Life is full of desires – a composition of unlimited ambitions. These ambitions can become reality if set as goals. Specifically, goals streamline and structure our lives and allow us to measure our progress. It helps us realize that we are not just standing still, but moving towards our destination.
What is a goal? In simple words “A goal or objective is a projected state of affairs that a person or a system plans or intends to achieve—a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.” At times People stop at the discovery of their passion, qualities etc because either they do not have resources to pursue their goals or they do not get proper guidance to take their passion forward. There are many people in the world who would like to help/support people to get someone else’s goal accomplished. But they don’t have a mass platform to render their contributions.
This socio-economic imbalance in our society has deprived many talented people from achieving excellence in life. Based on these realities, Linkagoal has identified a need of a goal based social network platform in the world of rapid globalization, where people can create and register their important goals that have potential to improve the quality of their lives by connecting with likeminded people who currently have similar skills/passions and drive to achieve similar goals.
A person is able to achieve a goal by following certain tasks and setting milestones, it doesn’t target any particular age, sex, gender, religion, and group, it aims to link people across the globe through a common passion or an objective.
Linkagoal is focused to establish a Goal based Social Networking Platform that provide a compelling, systematic and organized online environment of setting goals, finding solution through contributions and sharing expertise/experience with other common goal oriented users.
The product covers the parameters to set or monitor all legal/legitimate tasks and milestones to improve life and drives positive energy among the masses.
The ideology behind Linkagoal is a passion of serving all human beings in the world to accomplish their undone/unachieved goals. In other words, Linkagoal’s vision is to assist and support such people who have skills, talent and competency to do something extraordinary in their lives.