Rehman Malik presents evidence against Sharif brothers

Rehman Malik presents evidence against Sharif brothers

LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader, Rehman Malik on Monday presented what he said was evidence of money laundering against the Sharif brothers and alleged that the money earned through it was transferred to Saudi Arabia, Geo News reported.

While addressing a press conference here today, Rehman Malik told the media that he is presenting his complaints and evidence before the Supreme Court and Election Commission of Pakistan.

He also claimed to quit his political career if failed to prove the allegations.

Rehman Malik said the Sharif brothers transferred the cash outside Pakistan and was deposited in an account titled as ‘Qazi’. In 1998, the amount was transferred to Hudaibiya accounts.

The PPP leader further said that more names will be revealed in money laundering case and complained that immediate actions had been initiated against PPP.

He said that Ishaq Dar has already admitted that Shahbaz Sharif asked to convert dollars into local currency.


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