Angry Afridi knocks out fan at the airport

Angry Afridi knocks out fan at the airport

KARACHI: To the utter disappointment of the whole nation, the great “Boom Boom Shahid Afridi” Friday night punched a fan in the face who was only begging him for an autograph, Geo News reported.

Reportedly, Afridi, who was coming out of the airport after arriving here from Bangladesh, flew off the handle, after cohorts thronged him for autographs.

It seemed he was not happy with this fan following and was seen almost running out of the airport with a swarm of his admirers in tow.

After repeated gestures of annoyance, which failed to deter the crowd, he swung a mighty right hand at one of the buffs knocking him out then and there, which proved he could be a “Bang Bang Boxer Afridi” as well.

Later talking to Geo News, Shahid Afridi’s brother said that Afridi lost temper when the crowd almost trampled his (Afridi’s) daughter.

He said that the reckless fans did not ever care about the three-year old girl, who could have been seriously injured in this stampede like situation.

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