Gilani said to die or to survive for six months – Decision in your hand.


Gilani concerns over SC bench in contempt case

 Updated :   Monday  March  19 , 2012  2:44:48 PM
Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani  while filing his reply in the contempt of court case on Monday expressed concerns over a judge of the bench hearing the case.

He in his reply stated that judges were also human beings and they could also be victim of their sorroundings. He said that judges should remain impartial while proceeding a case.

The PM, however, in his statement said that one of the judges in the bench had given strict decision against him, so the judge should be separated from the bench.

PM Gilani again refused to write letter to Swiss authorities prayed to the Supreme Court to refer the case to the parliament.

The reply has been submitted in the Registrar Office of the Supreme Court.

In the reply, Gilani maintained his previous stance of not writing a letter to the Swiss authorities as President Asif Ali Zardari enjoys international immunity under the Constitution. He said that presenting the president before any foreign magistrate was a violation of the Constitution.

The premier maintained that once Zardari’s presidential tenure ends, the Supreme Court will not have any obstructions in carrying out proceedings against him.

Gilani gave two options to the Supreme Court and referred court’s earlier order of January 9, 2012. He said that the court could go ahead with one of the six options it gave earlier – to leave the matter up to the judgement of people, or refer the case to the parliament as it was done during the 18th amendment.

The Supreme Court will carry out its proceedings on March 21.


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